Anne Boleyn portraits inaccurate?

Scientists say portraits of the controversial queen may not actually be her.

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Anne Boleyn portraits inaccurate?

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Washington, D.C. - According to scientists, two portraits depicting controversial Queen of England Anne Boleyn may not actually be her. As reported by WebProNews, the face of Boleyn who was put to death by beheading after three years of marriage to King Henry VIII, could not be matched by scientists who recently used a new facial recognition algorithm with an undisputed likeness of her.

As noted in the report, the portraits which have been placed in the National Portrait Gallery have been kept for centuries after most of the portraits of Boleyn were destroyed following her death.

Professor Amit Roy-Chowdhury, of the University of California, who created the algorithm is quoted in the report as stating, “These portraits have some importance. They probably represent someone of social standing, or some important event, and we often want to identify who is the person in the portrait. The goal is to be able to identify individuals whose identities may not be absolutely certain.”

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Anne Boleyn portraits inaccurate?