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Judge under fire over Facebook ‘friend’ request


A judge who sent a Facebook “friend” request to a woman whose divorce case she was presiding over is facing a state investigation.

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Mother pleads guilty after drug overdose in McDonald's play area


A woman who overdosed on heroin while with her children at a McDonald’s play area has pleaded guilty to child endangerment.

Complaints over Michelle Obama graduation speech


Families in Kansas have complained about the First Lady’s invitation to speak at a Topeka high school graduation.

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AMR effort to terminate retiree benefits blocked


A New York judge rejected a 2012 motion made by the company regarding the health and welfare benefits of retirees.

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Inmate released from jail days before scheduled life saving cancer surgery


An Arizona inmate battling breast cancer was released Thursday, a week before she is set to have life saving surgery.

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North Dakota abortion law overturned by federal judge


A state law banning most abortions has been overturned by a federal judge.

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Woman arrested after police attempt to return $50


A police chase ensued after a woman tried to elude a deputy during his attempt to return money to her that she had left at a gas station.

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IRS audit odds lowest since 1980s


Some say the chances of being audited by the IRS are lower this year than they have been in years.

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Ethics complaint filed by outdoors enthusiasts over bill changes


An ethics complaint has been filed against a Hawaii lawmaker over bill changes that could assist in expanding public access to state trails and mountains.

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Families sue Disney over ride access policy for disabled


A lawsuit has been filed against the theme parks in Florida and California.