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Jay Z attacked by wife’s sister, Solange, in elevator


A video recently surfaced showing the rapper being confronted by his sister-in-law in an elevator.

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Mila Kunis’ natural delivery comments spark debate


The star’s discussion about her natural birth plans during a recent interview has sparked controversy.

Parents of Michigan boy videotaped stuck in chair plan lawsuit


The parents of a Michigan student videotaped while stuck in a chair plan to sue following a decision not to fire the child’s teacher.

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Stranded cruise ship hit whale


A cruise ship that became stranded in the Hudson River reportedly hit a whale.

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Divided Supreme Court upholds local council meeting prayers


The Supreme Court has decided to uphold Christian prayers at the beginning of local council meetings.

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Man ticketed after swerving to miss pothole


A man plans to fight a citation he received after swerving to miss a pothole in the road.

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Collapsed vein said to be factor in botched Oklahoma execution


A collapsed vein is said to have been a factor in the botched execution of Clayton Lockett in Oklahoma.

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Dead cats found hanging in bags had been beaten


An investigator says that multiple cats found hanging from trees in plastic bags had been beaten over time.

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Woman claims jewelry store replaced expensive necklace with counterfeit one


A woman claims that a jewelry store replaced her expensive necklace with a fake one after she took it for repair.

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NBA ownership groups say they will vote against Sterling amid controversy


Several NBA owners say they will not side with Donald Sterling in a vote to force him to sell his team.