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Magazine names Panama best place to retire


The country has been named the best place to retire by American magazine

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Alyssa Milano accepts apology from comedian after weight joke controversy


The actress accepted an apology from Jay Mohr after he commented on the “Mistresses” star’s weight in a recent interview.

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Woman credits Facebook plea with helping save her life


A battered Kentucky woman turned to social media for help after a reported attack by her husband.

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Vitamin E may slow declines in early Alzheimer’s research shows


A new study shows that vitamin E may help slow declines in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

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Psychic sued over “love ritual” contract breach


A Houston attorney filed a lawsuit against a psychic over an alleged breach of contract over a “love ritual.”

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Meth lab cleanup in homes a growing industry


Reports suggest the cleanup of meth labs in homes is a growing industry.

California schools prepare as transgender rights law set to take effect


As the date for the new transgender rights law draws closer, schools in the state are making preparations to implement new policies.

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Man pardoned by NC governor after spending 17 years in prison


North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory recently pardoned a man wrongly convicted of murder.

New Mexico county clerk resigns following gay marriage ruling


A New Mexico clerk and deputy resigned from their positions following a state Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage.

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Judge grants restraining order that preserves assets of ex-NFL player Hernandez


A Massachusetts judge recently granted a restraining order that preserves some of the assets of former NFL player Aaron Hernandez following wrongful death suit.