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NYC night court unlikely popular tourist attraction


A number of tourists who flock to the city each year regard night court as a must see attraction.

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More questions surround vanished Malaysian plane


New information revealed by officials has raised more questions about a missing Malaysian airplane.

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Lawsuit over West marriage proposal to Kardashian allowed


A judge has ruled that a lawsuit filed by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West over video footage of their marriage proposal can move forward.

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Researchers say five-second rule not so far fetched


A British microbiologist may have helped give some validity to the five-second rule.

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$600,000 reportedly stolen from Houston megachurch of Joel Osteen


Authorities are investigating the theft of $600,000 from the megachurch of famed Pastor Joel Osteen.

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Measure to sue president backed by House


The Republican-led House has voted in favor of a measure that would advance congressional lawsuits against President Barack Obama.

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Two die, 18 injured in Manhattan building explosion


At least two people were killed and several others injured Wednesday in an explosion at a pair of apartment buildings in Manhattan.

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House cat traps family in bedroom during rampage


An Oregon family called 911 after their house cat went on a rampage, trapping them in their bedroom.

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Gambler files suit against Las Vegas casino after drunken $500,000 loss


A man who claims he was “too drunk” to gamble has filed a lawsuit against a Las Vegas casino over a $500,000 debt.

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Trainer pleads guilty in violent Jewish divorce plot


A trainer arrested for being involved in a scheme to bully Jewish husbands into granting religious divorces pleaded guilty on Thursday.