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IRS audit odds lowest since 1980s


Some say the chances of being audited by the IRS are lower this year than they have been in years.

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Ethics complaint filed by outdoors enthusiasts over bill changes


An ethics complaint has been filed against a Hawaii lawmaker over bill changes that could assist in expanding public access to state trails and mountains.

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Families sue Disney over ride access policy for disabled


A lawsuit has been filed against the theme parks in Florida and California.

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Pink eye outbreak leads to American Samoa school closures


An outbreak of the pink eye leads to school closures in American Samoa.

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Florida woman arrested after vandalizing McDonald’s while topless


A Florida woman who went on a rampage destroying property at a McDonald’s was arrested after reportedly causing thousands of dollars in damage.

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British TV personality, socialite Peaches Geldof dies


The famed daughter of Bob Geldof and Paula Yates has died at age 25.

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Revival of polluted bay leads to increase in oyster consumption


The revival of the once polluted Chesapeake Bay has led to more oysters being collected and a marked increase in restaurant demand.

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Glenn Beck sued by Boston Marathon victim over on air comments


A man injured in the bombing attack has filed a defamation lawsuit against the conservative media personality.

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Damages reduced in billionaire's lawsuit over fake wine


A federal judge reduced a multimillion-dollar award to billionaire William Kock in a lawsuit filed over fake wine.

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Notre Dame student arrested after digging way into business


A Notre Dame student was arrested after allegedly trying to break into a business in downtown South Bend.