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eBay reiterates when new shipping rates will go into effect


The company sent out a reminder about new shipping rates that will affect sellers.

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Amy Adams ‘Today Show’ appearance cut over refusal to discuss Sony


The actress was set to appear on the “Today Show” but refused to talk about the recent Sony hack concerning her pay on a film.

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Study says Dr. Oz wrong half of the time


A new study suggests that the medical advice provided by the famous television personality is not always credible.

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Facebook announces dates for F8 conference


The developer conference will be held in March in San Francisco.

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Rose McGowan says “being sexualized” led to career change


The actress and director stated in a recent interview that being sexualized in movies is what led her to the choice to direct films.

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Cell phone app designed to detect how drunk people are


A new cell phone app may be able to help people determined whether they are too drunk to drive.

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Wal-Mart ordered to pay $188 million in employee lawsuit


The retail giant has been ordered to pay $188 million in a class action lawsuit.

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Kourtney Kardashian gives birth to third child with Scott Disick


The reality star welcomed her third child on Sunday.

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Dr. Dre highest earning musician of the year


The rapper and producer earned the highest out of any musician in 2014.

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Jenni Rivera estate files lawsuit against owner of crashed jet


The singer’s estate has sued the company over her 2012 death.