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Duke issued immediate order to stop coal plant groundwater pollution


Duke Energy Corp was ordered by a judge Thursday to stop sources of groundwater pollution at multiple coal plants.

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Major changes for SAT, first update in nearly a decade


The SAT is undergoing several changes, which include making the essay portion optional.

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Measure allowing surprise inspections at abortions clinics advances in Arizona


A measure permitting abortion clinics to be inspected without advanced notice has passed in the state House.

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Osama bin Laden son-in-law on trial in the U.S.


The terrorism trial of Suleiman Abu Ghaith began in New York this week.

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Woman arrested after being accused of stabbing teddy bear


A Wyoming woman was arrested after being accused of stabbing a teddy bear while fighting with her boyfriend.

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Man loses $80,000 discrimination settlement over daughter’s Facebook post


A court threw out a former Gulliver headmaster’s settlement after his daughter posted about it on social media.

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Government moves to cut junk food ads in schools


New rules have been proposed by the Obama administration to phase out advertising junk food on school grounds.

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Obamacare enrollment milestone reached


A reported 4 million people have signed up for health care plans under Obamacare as enrollment deadline nears.

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Obama warns Karzai of US troop withdrawal plans


The US president has warned the Afghan leader of a full withdrawal of US troops following Karzai’s refusal to sign a Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA).

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UN criticized by Florida groups over ‘lack of response’ to cholera lawsuit


Community advocates in South Florida have accused the United Nations of evading responsibility for a cholera outbreak in Haiti.