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Workers lurk around Facebook


A new report shows that many people who log onto Facebook on the job watch what others are doing.

Bullying video.

Parents Protest Mandatory "Anti-Bullying" Video for Students


Some parents are upset that their children will have to watch an "anti-bullying" video in school.

Excessive drinking in higher intellegence.

Study: Smart People Drink More Alcohol


A study showed that people with higher intelligence drink more as adults.

Google TV and lawyer advertising.

Law Firm Marketing: Lawyer Advertising to be Taken to a New Level With Google TV


Lawyer marketing specialist Rene Perras explained how Google TV will effect law firm advertising.

Congressmen question Facebook privacy issue


Two U.S. congressmen are questioning how the site’s recent privacy issues occurred.

Doomsday prediction is wrong.

Scientists: Mayan's May Have Predicted 'Doomsday' Wrong


A recent study suggested that the Mayan's prediction of Doomsday may be incorrect by at least 60 days.

Facebook attributes privacy breach to app mishap


The social media site says the most recent privacy issue was caused by an issue with popular applications.

Donations to prompt new hires.

Philanthropist to Donate $1,000 for Every Jobless Person Hired


The "Hire Just One" program will pay business' $1,000 for every person hired and retained for at least 6 months.

Facebook seeks to remove hateful content from site


The company has reportedly teamed with a gay advocacy group to remove hateful content and reduce bullying on the site.

Microsoft infuses Facebook data in Bing search


The company is now utilizing data posted on the popular social networking sites for search results.