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Woman fired for Facebook post


A woman was fired from her job after making comments about her boss on Facebook.

Lawyer Marketing

Lawyer Marketing News: Technology Ranks Law Firm Websites Says Rene Perras


As Google reaches an all time global internet traffic high, lawyer websites need top ranking to gain clients, says lawyer marketing consultant Rene Perras.

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen becomes Facebook member


Queen Elizabeth II has created a Facebook page.

Wiki Image: Lawyers and breaking news.

Lawyer Marketing-Rene Perras on Creating Authoritative Relationships Within News


Law firm marketing expert Rene Perras educates attorneys on how to gain client confidence, authority and notoriety through breaking news.

Pharmaceutical marketing and lawyers.

Law Firm Marketing: Rene Perras Says You Can Learn From the Big Pharma Playbook


Lawyer marketing consultant Rene Perras, educates attorneys on how to fix the image given to them from big business and insurance companies.

Wiki Image: BP oil spill.

Study: Toxic Chemicals Still Present Near BP Spill


An alarming study found that high levels of PAH's can kill sea life and cause cancer over time.

‘Social Network’ actor not a Facebook user


Jesse Eisenberg recently stated that he doesn’t use the popular social networking site.


Study says alcohol more harmful than illegal drugs


A new study suggests alcohol may have more harmful effects than drugs like heroin or cocaine.

Blind man makes a difference.

Blind Man Cleans Up Neighborhood and Gives Inspiration


After tripping over a branch, one blind man decided to clean-up his neighborhood.

Four Loko is dangerous.

Doctors say 'Four Loko' is Dangerous


Doctors are calling "Four Loko" drinks "the most dangerous new alcohol concoctions I have ever seen.”