Pinterest-ing for Halloween Decors & Treats

11/07/2012 // OnTheWire123 // Byron de la Fuente // (press release)
Browsing through Pinterest boards is one of the easiest ways to check out the latest Halloween-themed decors, trinkets, crafts, setups, etc. A casual search in the DIY & Crafts category yields numerous images featuring a wide variety of indoor/outdoor, animated, inflatable, life-sized/miniaturized, illuminated/reflective, etc. Halloween decorative items.

Pinterest users are eager to share and showcase their respective personal styles with different combinations and arrangements of lanterns and lights, swirl decors, fog machines, paper cutouts and fans, garlands, gauze drapes, photo backdrops, tombstone and coffin replicas, UV lights, and so on.

Another quick search in the Food & Drinks category also comes up with a good number of images and accompanying information on the latest party meals and treats. Pictures of recipes from both private and commercially available collections are freely viewable in Pinterest. Jack-o-lantern pumpkin pies, spider-legs licorice twists, black-choco truffle cakes with blood-red strawberry icing, and witches’ brew bloody lemonades are just a few of the latest munches and noshes and concoctions dreamed up by the uber-enthusiastic Pinterest Halloween fans.

Especially helpful are images with links to source sites with detailed DIY information and tips on making your own Halloween decors and treats. If you are a Pinterest member, simply click on the accompanying link/s or just pin your newly found image/s of interest onto your own pinboard for later, more detailed browsing. For those with little time and/or patience for making their own decors and treats, Halloween products from retail outlets and commercial providers are also well represented in Pinterest.

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