How Malpractice Insurance “Consent Clauses” Can Hurt Injured Patients

03/25/2014 // Jonathan C. Reiter (Press Release) // Jonathan C. Reiter // (press release)
Medical mistakes occur at far higher rates than many in the medical industry care to admit. In fact, the number of incidents of harm to patients reported nationwide is only a percentage of the total that actually occur studies show.

Report: Most Hospital Errors Go Unreported

Only one out of seven medical errors and accidents that harm Medicare patients are reported by hospital employees, The New York Times reported.

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In New York, state law allows hospitals to use a program that facilitates secretive reporting of these mistakes, which means that the information is kept hidden from the public.

I-Team: Thousands of NY Hospital Mistakes Kept Secret

According to information furnished by the New York State Health Department, hospitals have confidentially reported more than 40,000 “adverse events” since 2007, including wrong-site or wrong-patient surgeries, unexpected deaths, and delays or omissions of treatment.

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Hospitals should have transparency when medical mistakes are made, but circumstances such as the aforementioned laws provide some with an outlet for not openly taking responsibility. Other forces enable this as well such as malpractice insurance policies that contain special consent clauses for settling claims against doctors. With these policies physicians must provide consent before claims are settled. Although on the surface it may not seem like a major issue, these clauses can be harmful to victims of medical malpractice. Even in cases of severe injury where the fault of a doctor is evident, in accordance with these clauses, doctors can attempt to prolong compensation that is due to injured patients.

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