Teens Die in Highway Overpass Crash: The Dangers of Swerving in Traffic

02/03/2016 // 1-800-Car-Wreck // (press release)

Three teenagers were recently killed after their vehicle fell off an overpass in Richardson. The driver of the Chevrolet Tahoe reportedly swerved to avoid traffic that was slowing down and lost control of the vehicle.

Source: NBCDFW Report “3 Teens Killed After SUV Falls from Highway Overpass”

“Three North Texas teens were killed Saturday after their car fell more than 60 feet from a highway overpass onto a parking lot below, police say. According to Sgt. Lonny Haschel, a spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety, troopers responded to the crash on President George Bush Turnpike near the Highway 75 overpass in Richardson just before 7 p.m.”

To read more visit http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/3-Killed-After-SUV-Falls-from-Highway-Overpass-365560961.html.

The Tahoe struck another vehicle before falling.

Reports also say that one of the passengers was killed on impact, while the other two died after being taken to a local hospital. The 28-year old driver of the vehicle survived, but suffered non-serious injuries. She is quoted as stating to the news source of the ordeal “We were on the George Bush Turnpike going up, and next thing you know cars are slowing down, so I swerved to avoid the cars. I didn’t even know we went off a bridge until we fell. I was like, ‘How did we get down here?’ I was panicking. I was just trying to get everyone out of the car.”

A spokesperson for the North Texas Tollway Authority has said that the accident is still being investigated by the Department of Public Safety and the NTTA would review the report after it has been completed.

Family members of the victims have reportedly set up a Go Fund Me page to help pay for funeral costs. A vigil was also held at the site of the crash.

Vigil Held For Three North Texas Teens Who Were Killed When SUV Plunged More Than 60-Feet From Highway Overpass

“According to NBC DFW, the four passengers were on their way home when the driver lost control of the wheel and plunged 60-feet off a highway overpass…The following day, a vigil was held for the car crash victims – Tyreana, Torneki, and Myah – just outside of the T.W. Browne Middle School where hundreds congregated to say a prayer for the victims as they held candles.”

To read more visit http://www.inquisitr.com/2725138/vigil-held-for-three-north-texas-teens-who-were-killed-when-suv-plunged-more-than-60-feet-from-highway-overpass/.

When Sudden Maneuvers on the Road Lead to Serious Accidents

According to Dallas car wreck lawyer Amy Witherite of Eberstein Witherite LLP, sudden maneuvers in heavy traffic can have devastating consequences. Says the Dallas attorney “sudden actions on the road like swerving can constitute reckless driving depending on whether a driver did it without taking any precautions. When a driver swerves in a manner that was abrupt and without the use of signals, then not only are they putting themselves in danger, but others around them as well.”

To help prevent related accidents the Dallas car accident attorney suggests that drivers:

  • Always practice defensive driving – “Drivers should keep 100 percent focus on their driving at all times,” says Witherite.
  • Travel a safe distance behind other vehicles – Traveling too closely behind another vehicle can increase the chances that a driver will swerve in an attempt to miss a vehicle that stops suddenly.
  • Don’t speed – Speeding hinders one’s ability to slow down fast enough to avoid an accident if an issue arises, and puts drivers and passengers in danger in other ways.

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