Houston Injury Law Firm Raises Public Awareness About Distracted Driving Dangers

04/19/2016 // 1-800 Car Wreck // (press release)

Houston, TX – Houston personal injury law firm 1800 Car Wreck  is making strides in advancing public knowledge about the dangers of distracted driving. The law firm has taken steps to help promote the “Talk, Text, Crash” campaign initiated by the Texas Department of Transportation, which is aimed to reduce to the high incidence of distracted driving related crashes that occur in the state of Texas each year.

The All Too Common Problem of Distracted Driving in Texas

Statistics show that distracted driving is a factor in a majority of the injurious accidents that occur in the state of Texas each year. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, statewide over 100,000 traffic crashes involve distracted drivers annually. In 2015, the number increased from 2014 by three percent.

One the most common dangerous driving distractions that many drivers frequently engage in is the use of a mobile device while in operation of a vehicle. In a recent publication released by the firm titled, “Did You Know? April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month,” Houston attorney and Eberstein Witherite co-founder Amy Witherite says of the need for such a cause “distracted driving crashes have increased amid an elevated use of mobile devices and GPS navigational tools among drivers nationwide throughout the years.”

Texas Transportation Commissioner Jeff Moseley recently stated in an agency press release about the consequences of using a mobile device while driving “Texans are dying on our roads simply because some drivers cannot wait until they’re stopped to check their email or make a phone call. That one text, post or phone call is not worth injuring or killing yourself, or someone else.”

Tips for Avoiding Driving Distractions

According to Witherite, the most plausible thing for drivers to do in order to ensure the safest commute possible is to put away their mobile devices, and not use them at any point while driving. The goal of the “Talk, Text, Crash” campaign is to get drivers to wait until later to answer communications that may be sent to them through these devices during their commute. The Houston injury lawyer suggests that drivers particularly remain cognizant of their urge to:

  • Talk on cell phones without the use of hands free devices
  • Check email messages on their phones
  • Program navigation devices during their commute
  • Attempt to read navigation devices when they cannot hear the prompter
  • Watch videos on mobile devices while driving

Aside from activities with their mobile devices, Witherite also says that drivers should be mindful of eating, grooming, making adjustments to their radio and other activities that take their eyes off of the road, even if only for a moment.

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For more information about distracted driving, please read the blogs “Did You Know? April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month” and “Bicyclist Dragged for Blocks by Driver Who Failed to Stop After Texas Crash.”

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