Call for More Action After Another Victim Dies from Takata Air Bag Injuries

05/24/2016 // 1-800 Car Wreck // (press release)

Texas – Houston car wreck attorney Amy Witherite of Eberstein Witherite LLP recently released two publications discussing the need for more action to be taken by Takata Corp. and automakers to protect consumers from risks linked to defective air bags produced by the manufacturer. The writings have been released following the recent death of a teen killed by an exploding air bag, in spite of a recall being initiated for the products three years ago.

According to the Texas personal injury lawyer, the teenager is the 10th person to die in the United States as a result of a Takata air bag malfunction in a traffic collision.

More Consumer Protection Needed?

A number of transportation safety advocates are calling for increased protections for consumers, calling the recall efforts since the initial announcement insufficient. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has said of the issue “NHTSA is renewing its call to all auto manufacturers involved in the Takata air bag recall to intensify and expand their outreach to affected vehicle owners.”

In the blog publications “Another Victim Killed by Takata Air Bag Defect in Car Crash in Spite of Recall” and “Teen Killed by Malfunctioning Air Bag in Texas Crash,” Texas attorney Witherite details new concerns that have arisen following the most recent fatal accident linked to the recall issue. News reports say the teen would not have likely died in the crash if the air bag functioned correctly.

More than 30 million vehicles have been recalled due to the defect in the United States alone, but not all have been fixed. Witherite states in recent commentary, “worldwide, 85 million vehicles may have potential defects according to the latest research. It is unfair that so many lives are still being placed at risk because automakers and Takata have not put forth more effort to get these automobiles fixed or off the road.”

Florida Democrat Senator Bill Nelson has also spoken out about the matter, saying “Takata and the automakers have to step up their efforts to locate, notify and fix every impacted car as soon as possible – before anyone else dies.”

Witherite suggests that those who have been injured as a result of a defective Takata airbag consult with an attorney about the legal options available to them for holding the manufacturer accountable.

Consumers can obtain more information about the Takata airbag recall and how to check the status of their vehicle by visiting the Consumer Reports website.

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To read more see “Another Victim Killed by Takata Air Bag Defect in Car Crash in Spite of Recall” and “Teen Killed by Malfunctioning Air Bag in Texas Crash.”

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